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Lakeside picnics, swimming, fishing, jogging and amazing sunsets.



Autumn Lake of Pearland is a tranquil, yet charming community of just over 400 homes that is  accompanied by a lovely park and a heavily stocked lake, nestled behind mature trees and luscious green space. Our lake is surrounded by a long winding jogging trail that leads to our community swimming pools, work out areas and two children's play areas filled with swing sets, spring toys, and a large jungle gym. This lakeside community offers restful scenery for quiet enjoyment and provides all the comforts for a family with an active lifestyle. The lake which is catch and release also includes two stairwells with entrance ramps that lead to two of the more beautiful fishing piers in Pearland Texas, all private to the community. Our two fishing piers are built to code with safety railing, overhead lighting & required signage. The community park provides access to private serene walking paths. The exercise equipment and our jogging trail are great for families who prefer the more active lifestyle, like working out, riding bikes, jogging or even long peaceful walks or family picnics. Our two community pools offer swimming and water volleyball and are separated by a small lighted bridge which allows privacy to those looking to tan or just relax and enjoy the surroundings. For those who prefer wild life and water sports like fishing, kayaking, troller boating and canoeing, Our lake has it all! Our community lake and park are over 50 years old and prior to our community that started in 2001 was a bird sanctuary and the was called the "Sand Pit" that is now filled with large mouth bass, catfish, crappie, carp and sun perch.

With wide-open spaces and room to develop additional amenities Autumn Lake is always investing into the beautification of our community.  We invite you to visit our beautiful community for yourself, walk the trails, rest in a shaded area filled with picnic tables looking over one of the longest freshwater fishing piers in Pearland at 75 feet over the water. Autumn Lake of Pearland has amenities for everyone, so join us and experience our beautiful lakeside views and it's amazing sunsets.


Autumn Lake of Pearland

Community Emenities:

2 - Community Swimming Pools: With large shade areas & lots of lounge chairs.

2- Community Fishing Piers: With overhead lighting, safety railing & proper signage.
One of the piers is 75 feet over the water with finger piers & boat docking.

A long winding trail surrounding Autumn Lake kept up with fresh crushed granite.

2 - Large Gazebos that seat 8 to 10 people for parties, pic nics or friendly gatherings.

A 45 by 20 foot large pavillion located at the new pool area for gatherings.

2 - Playground Areas with swings for kids & toddlers & a jungle gym.

In 2023 we are adding a second children's area designated for playground equipment.





Keep up with community updates! Vote for new community projects! Communicate with your fellow neighbors! Add your puppy to our pet directory! Keep up with our community financials! Sign up for community contests and activities! It's all here on our community website! Set up your password and update your profile settings! Visit your mailbox and the welcome area at the top right corner of this page. You can click on the "Bell Symbol" top right to open your mail box.

Click on the link below to register as a member to the Autumn Lake of Pearland community website which allows you to view all the privileged information provided only to residents and home owners of our community.




$380 is still the yearly assessment total normally due on  Jan 31, 2024. This year since we are switching bookkeepers the 2023 assessments will be due by January 31, 2024.  

We are excited to announce that your Board of Directors has chosen Lone Star Bookkeepers to provide bookkeeping services for your community association effective January 1, 2023. LSB is a Houston based company with years of specialization in the homeowner association industry. We look forward to providing you and your Board of Directors with exceptional service.

2024 Assessment – The 2024 Assessment rate is $380.00 per homeowner. 
Your homeowner account number will be mailed to you in the 2024 Assessment Letter.

Important Notes – Lone Star will only handle your homeowner assessment account and payments. The Lone Star Homeowner Portal will also have information regarding deed restriction violations. Violations – Starting February 1, 2023, Autumn Lake will have a new company in place that will handle deed restriction violations.
The violation fines will post on your homeowner account with Lone Star Bookkeepers homeowner account portal.

The violation contact information and instructions will also be made available to the community website once that service is in place.

Lone Star Bookkeepers will not handle the following community services – Complaints about the community pool, park, piers, pavilions, playground equipment, common grounds, other neighborhood concerns, cars speeding, arguments between neighbors, general suggestions and complaints for the HOA Board of Directors. Please send all communication about these items to:


Every homeowner has an account number through Lone Star Bookkeepers. It is very important you understand how to input these numbers into the pay portal:


1027xxxxx01 = A MADE UP homeowner account number FOR EXAMPLES ONLY.

Here is an example of how to breakdown an account number when using each portal.

When you want to pay your assessments at the "PAY PORTAL" You will use your entire account number. EXAMPLE:

When you want to see your homeowner account you will go to the "CALIBER PORTAL" where your homeowner account information and balances are stored and posted. On this portal you use all of the account numbers except you take the "1" off the end of your acct number. EXAMPLE: 1027xxxxx0

The account numbers are unique to the each individual homeowner on the list.

When you are making a payment you have options on how to pay: 


All homeowners need to sign into both the "PAYMENT PORTAL" AND THE "HOMEOWNER PORTAL":

The homeowner portal shows your balances and any violations outstanding and your account information. 

Can I pay my assessments now? Yes?  

For those homeowners that would like to pay by a mailed in check or money order your $380 Autumn Lake annual assessment payment for your 2023 assessments please follow these instructions and you can pay your 2023 assessments now:

Make check payable to “Autumn Lake POA”.

Either write your property address on the memo line or the check,

Or include the Associa/HCMS coupon with your payment


Autumn Lake POA

2450 Louisiana Street, Suite 400-251

Houston, TX 77006

(If you have more than one property make sure to include both addresses)

All these instructions as well as all apy options will be listed in your annual assessment letter as well as a contact number to call Lonestar Bookkeepers if you have further questions.


Can I pay now by credit card - e-check - debit card ??? YES:  (You need to email a request for your acct #)  

For those homeowners who would like to pay your 2023 annual assessment of $380 by e-check, credit card, debit card or bank draft please follow these instructions and you can pay your 2023 assessments now:

Send an email with your name - address - your old homeowner account number to either of the emails listed below requesting your new homeowner account number that will be issued to you from Lone Star Bookkeeping.

Alexis Kidd, Office Administrator – [email protected]
AnnMarie Garcia, Financial Specialist – [email protected]

Call Lone Star Bookkeepers at 832-433-7995 
Or call Ken McArdle of the HOA at 832-725-4520 (I have a list now of all the new account numbers as does Lone Star Bookkeeping)

 Alexis or AnnMarie will reply to you with your new homeowner account number at which time you can follow the instructions on the Lone Star Bookkeeping welcome letter that you will be receiving within a week or two. To pay immediately after receiving your new account number you can find those same instructions to create your new account and pay your assessments at :

NOTE: For years to come it is important to add these 3 numbers to payments made by check: 

Manager ID Number: 7427  (This ID number identifies Lone Star Bookkeeping to the bank)

Association ID Number: AL0024 (This ID number identifies Autumn Lake POA to the bank)

Homeowners Account Number: (Every member will have their own Homeowner Acct Number) 

We recommend and encourage homeowners to use the below online payment options for secure, quick, and easy payments:
Please visit our



As a result of several automobiles being broken into overnight we made a small investment into buying 24 hour surveillance signs & crime watch badge signs for Autumn Lake: Since these signs were added we have not had any of the overnight car break ins that we have had in the past.


Don't forget to stop by the new community swimming pool areas and take a long walk at night under our new commercial lights along the jogging path. Lights stay on until 10:30pm !!!
The new community swimming pool was our capital improvement for 2020! We have added a new capital improvement each of the last 4 years! We are always trying to make our community better every single year! 



Pools, Play Areas, Piers & Park Rules:

POOL AND PARK HOURS ARE 5AM TO 10:00PM (Lights on the trail stay on until 10:30pm so people can walk home after pool closes)

All residents should be aware our our community rules when at the park, using the fishing piers, playground areas or swimming and hanging out at the community swimming pool. 

POOL RULES - MUST BE FOLLOWED : Violating these rules can lead to losing pool privliges or arrest. We simply want everyone to be safe.

Our Community Safety Goals:

This is our beautiful little community of 413 homes and we are all in this together so please read the safety rules below and teach your kids the safety rules of the community areas so that they are as safe as possible. We want everyone in our community, both young and old to always be able to enjoy all of the Autumn Lake eminities like the pools, gazebos, piers, playareas and simply walk, riding or jogging on the winding trails :)

Large Gatherings in the park must be approved by the Board of Directors: 

By letting the board know there is a party it avoids us having to approach the party to determine if they are Autumn Lake Members. If we expect a huge gathering we need to let members know that parking will be scarce so they can walk and adjust plans if they are used to parking in the small parking area that only holds 12 vehicles presently.

It also gives the board a chance to go over safety rules. Below is a detailed breakdown of most of our community rules within the park areas:

Gatherings / parties with over 10 people must be approved by the board of directors. Load music, running in the pool area, diving into the pool, serving food at the pool, beer-booze-or drugs at the pool are all violations of our pool rules. Large gatherings on weekends where a large group is taking over the pool area is not acceptable or permitted without board approval as the weekends are when the entire community is entitled to use both pools and the seating areas at the pool. Leaving food trash to rot at the pool or diapers or other garbage around the pool is not allowed and clean-up fines or penalties will be applied to m
embers accounts who violate these rules and trash the pool areas.


Take your trash with you and leave the pool as clean and organized as it was when you arrived. If children (Kids under 18 years of age) or any non members of our community are found at the pool alone they will be asked to leave and if they are breaking our rules the police may be asked to remove or arrest trespassers. Any verbal or physical fighting will result in your removal from the park or pool areas, any vandalism will result in the arrest of whoever damages Autumn Lake Property, anyone caught climbing into the pool or park area will be arrested and NO ONE is allowed to let other people into the pool that do not have official pool access unless they are your guests and you are responsible for anyone you allow into the pool area (Make sure your guests know the rules). The pool cameras and entry fobs will identify all who enter. These rules are made so that everyone of all ages that lives in Autumn Lake can enjoy these areas in peace and feel safe. Our rules concerning food and picking up after yourself help us maintain a clean and healthy environment for our community members as rotten food in trash cans bring ants, roaches, rats and wildlife to the pool area and cause unexceptable odors and is unsightly to others who use the pool areas. No bikes, motorcycles or golf carts or motor vehicles are allowed inside the pool area ever as kids or adults can fall over them and get hurt. Bikes may be chained outside to the fence at least 10 ft from the pool entrance towards the Miller Ranch Rd fence-line as we have a Jungle Gym play area for small children less than 30 ft from the pool entrance. Bikes laying sideways on the ground are a safety hazard for small children and that play area is designed for 1 to 5 year old children. No glass containers or glass of any kind except eye wear is allowed at the pool areas. No weapons are allowed at the pool areas and no pets are allowed at the pool areas. Be safe, be mindful of others and enjoy the pool areas :) 

Due to people outside our community trespassing and vandalizing our community common grounds we have added over 40 signs throughout our community ranging from drive slowly, security camera monitoring, no trespassing, restricted parking and standard rules for pool, piers and park.

Pool Fob Electronic Entry Keys are required to enter the pool areas: 

We have also added an electric pool gate fob system that will activate and open the gate. Hold the fob to the circle and open the gate with your other hand at the same time. In the past we used a gate code that was given out to people outside our community, so this should rectify that problem moving forward. We also had a problem with minors (mostly teens) taking over our pool and trashing the pool area. Moving forward signs have been posted to alert the community members as well as outsiders that we will monitor the pool area and request ID when needed. 

(An adult must be present for kids under 18 to be at the pool). This is a state law in Texas that if no lifeguard exists at a community swimming pool : Signs must be posted that no children under 18 years of age may be a the pool alone with adult supervision. If we find kids alone at the pool without their parents or adult we will remove them from the pool and deactivate the electronic fob gate entry taking away their pool privileges.

We found over a dozen teens several times trashing our pool area and acting crazy that were asked to leave last year. We found an 8 year old boy watching a 3 year old while his mom was at work and they did not even live in our community.

To access the community pool areas you must first fill out and sign a release form stating you have read the pool rules.

How do I get a Pool Fob Electronic Entry?

Each Pool fob is $25 and we ask that you print out the forms an the link below and fill out the forms. Once complete go to "Contact the board" as a board member can direct you from there. For the forms click the link below:

Boating rules on the lake:

A resident asked if they could take a boat into our lake. This was the answer given:
The boat can not be motorized or any kind of gas engine.

You may use:
Kayaks, canoe, paddle boats, row boats and a troller boat (Battery powered).

No gas engine motorized vehicles are allowed inside the park area unless you are a board member working, contractor hired by Autumn Lake or our lawn or pool keepers.

You must at least have a safety floating vest or equipment on the boat. We ask that all small children or those who can not swim be wearing a safety floation vest when boating in Autumn Lake.

Fishing is allowed, but catch and release. No shooting of any kind of guns at the lake or park incuding "BB" and "Pellet" guns.

ike rules in the park:
Bikes are allowed in the park, but only if driven at low speeds and you must stay on the trail. Skidding across gravel and making sharp turns or slamming on the brakes on gravel trails is hazardous to you and others around you and not allowed. A bike may only go on the grass to avoid joggers, others bicyclists or people walking. If there are trees as you approach others we suggest you stop your bike and let other pass rather than drive too close to trees or down slopes to the lake. 

Anyone taking a canoe or any type of boat into the lake must have a life preserver for everyone on the boat. This is a Texas law and required for you and your guests safety.

Small children that do not know how to swim are not allowed on the piers or at the lake without an adult present. The Brazoria County Mud District owns our lake and general park and lake rules apply in that you are responsible to follow all rules and safety restrictions required by Pearland Parks and Regulations.. 

There are 2 gates on the long pier where you may tie off you boat on to the finger piers and 2 ledges on the small pier "BULK HEAD" you may tie off to as well.

The lake gradually drops to 50 feet deep on the pool area side and it is below waste deep on the Fairoaks side of the lake. By Texas law you must have a flotation device at least in the board with you or on your person. We suggest teaching your kids or teaching anyone to kayak or canoe to train them in the shallow waters withing 100 feet of the island where the trees are growing in the water on the Fairoaks side of the lake furthest away from the pool area. This way if they rollover they can stand up and not panic. They can also walk over to "1 or 2 " foot deep of water and get back in the kayak.

Small children are not buoyant and will sink. I strongly suggest all small children be wearing safety flotation if they can not swim and are with family on the long pier.

Our two fishing piers:

In 2019 we added 2 new fishing piers as our community capital improvement. One is 75 feet over the water with victorian lighting and solar torches overhead, safety rails, signage and 2 finger piers with gates to dock your kayaks or boats. Our lake is filled with bass, catfish, cropi, sunfish, carp, talapia and turtles. You may even see an occasional snake. See link on Texas snakes below as most are harmless. Stay away from snakes that rattle, red-yellow-black colored snakes, fat black snakes with white bellys, snakes with fat heads and diamond eyes.

Harmless Texas Snakes we see most are

See the Texas Parks and Wildlife read on pisonous snakes below & treating bites:

Texas A&M read on identifying Texas snakes:


The 20x20 smaller pier is located by the pool area and it is also safety railed, with commercial fishing lights overhead and signage.


Lights of the Path: Those of you that want to meet more people in the community need to start walking the path in the early evening when it just gets dark. The trail lighting really brings the park to life at night and lots of members are walking and jogging the winding trails.

In 2021 we added 15 commercial light posts along the jogging trail that stay on until 10:30pm each night. They are 15 ft tall with 2 light fixtures each that are spread 100 feet apart. They truely bring our beautiful park to life each night! Enjoy a cool evening walk with family & friends!

In 2022 we added a huge 45x20 commercial pavilion behind the new pool that is surrounded by a 4 ft safety rail on 3 sides and open to the pool.

We added new swings, new kiddy mulch and foot pads for the kids.




We added new pool furniture for both pools and we painted the pool house and added cool decking to the cement area by the bathrooms and table area at our 1st pool.  We added a bridge to separate the two pools and we have also added 15 commercial light posts along the trail so that we now have lighting all the way around the lake areas.   


Violations and Inspections

Our new Inspection & Violation Policy is going to be in place on February 1, 2023: 

The purpose of inspections and the subsequent issuance of a violation letter is to maintain the standards of the community. The Association is tasked with ensuring that all homeowners maintain the exterior of their residence to a minimum standard, as required in the By-Laws. In addition, this helps improve and maintain the appeal of the community. This is particularly important when home owners are selling their homes. Inspections typically will focus on three main areas, fencing, mold and mildew and lawn maintenance.

1 st Notice :
Friendly Reminder- This is a regular letter. Although this letter does not give a specific compliance date, residents are encouraged to remedy the concern(s) within 30 days. Inspections occur every month.

2 nd Notice :
This is a more formal letter which requires that the resident/owner remedy the concern(s) within 10 days.

3 rd Notice :
Final- This letter is sent through regular mail and as a certified letter. This is a final notice and requires that the concern(s) be remedied within 30 days or the board can turn the matter over to the Association attorney. All fees associated with mailings and the attorney will be billed to owner. With board approval, the Association Attorney can file liens and/or foreclosures against the property.

LAWN MOWING NEGLECT IS A MUCH HARSHER VIOLATION as we will not allow a members 3 months to mow a lawn. This is where the admin charges and fines can help our community look nice. We will not tolerate yards with foot tall tower grass for weeks and months at a time. The board allowed everyone a break during the heat wave this 2023 season. It's time to get the yards in compliance again. Force mows will be applied charges to homeowner accounts where yards are being neglected and violations are being ignored. Texas Legislature just changed that fine to a flat fine, that used to be a $5 a day fine after 1st notice. We will post those new fines as soon as we have established it in our governing documents after our next open community meeting. Force mows however are still in place.

Also, these violation fees you recieve have been paid for by the association already if you have recieved a notice, you are only reimbursing the association.

Our goal is to keep Lonestar Bookkeepers and Clark and Dominic in place for years to come as these two companies not only save our community money every year, they protect our members from agressive management companies who try to put our members in legal during hardship. They keep our community looking nice. It will take all of us working together to make this work.


All homeowners should have a current email listed at both the community website and the homeowner account pay portal.

 The overall goal is to ensure harmony in the community and to help maintain overall appeal of the community. There are times when errors are made. Please send me an email so that I can quickly remedy any errors. In addition, there are times when events require an extension.

Did you get a violation? If you want to talk to someone about it call “VIOLATIONS DIRECTOR” and her name is Tally Jenkins at 832-363-5055.

Did you complete fixing or correcting the violation and you want to send in photos so someone can respond to you that your violation is closed? Tally Jenkins at 832-363-5055 or email to [email protected] 

Did you get a letter stating that you have a balance on your homeowner account?

Call Lone Star Bookkeepers at 832-433-7995 or email [email protected] or better yet respond to the email you recieved to get the quickest response. DO NOT INCLUDE OTHER PEOPLE WHO DO NOT KNOW THE SITUATION.

If you want to talk to someone because you are upset, confused or just have a few questions, please take note:

If you recieved a violation and want to speak to someone about that violation, then you need to respond to the email contact that sent it to you! DO NOT CALL BOARD MEMBERS about your violation. It will only hold up the process. The board of directors were told by our community attorney to hire a 3rd party “VIOLATIONS DIRECTOR” and her name is Tally Jenkins at 832-363-5055 [email protected] (Tally Jenkins - The Clarke-Dominik Group, LLC is also our communities ACC Committee Supervisor and handles all questions you may have on ACC Applications when you are adding something to your property).

As of Jan 2022 Texas Legislature Requires that Board Members have 3rd party firms oversee many of the duties once only performed by board members so that communities are treated fairly and without bias. That is why we also have 5 separate ACC Commitee members in Autumn Lake that review your ACC Applications.


Why can I not just call the board members? Several reasons:

The Board of Directors di not drive to your home and see the violation, board members do not know all the types of violations, board members no longer have access to see your violations and board members are just volunteers who have jobs during the days and families to take care of and can not address every question from 413 homes in Autumn Lake. We had Associa for almost 14 years we all had to contact Associa about our violations, now that we are self mamaged we all must contact "Tally Jenkins at 832-363-5055 (Tally Jenkins - The Clarke-Dominik Group, LLC ).

Again Tally also handles final approval of all ACC Aplications :


As we head into the 4th quarter of 2023 letters will be sent out with your coupon envelopes for all our members to be reminded to pay the 2024 Annual Assessments of $380. We have been sending these out in October each year to allow our members more time to pay and it allows us to send out 3 monthly reminders (One in October, one in November and one in December). NOTE: 2024 must be paid by January 31, 2024 or penalties and fees will be added to your homeowner accounts. Payplans are always available if that is easier for members who chose that rout.


Lon Star Bookkeepers Contact Information:

Alexis Kidd, Office Administrator – [email protected]
AnnMarie Garcia, Financial Specialist – [email protected]

Call Lone Star Bookkeepers at 832-433-7995 






Did you know we have 31 Block Captains (At least 2 on each of our 15 streets)?
Be on your streets team. Contact your Block Captains :

The article posted below was found on and is a great example of a path that we all need to follow as that handles millions of homeowners is using this approach in keeping safe and healthy by focusing on using your heart when talking with your neighbors, both now and forever as every day we set an example for our children who are all watching us through these trying times :) 


Neighbors Everywhere Are Taking the:

"I Can Help" - Challenge !!!

We’re All in This Together: Communicating With Kindness About the Coronavirus

Written by #TeamNextdoor

Since the beginning of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Nextdoor has been monitoring the community impact around the world. We have seen neighbors across the globe sharing important information, offering help, requesting assistance, and discussing ways to safely support their communities.

As a community-building platform, we want all neighbors to feel welcome, safe, and respected when using Nextdoor. This is important in good times and absolutely essential in times of crisis and need. In response to the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve made several important updates so that neighbors can continue to connect in a respectful and informed manner and to reduce the spread of misinformation and stigmatization.

Treat your neighbors with compassion 

These are tough times for neighbors everywhere, so it is important to treat each other with kindness and compassion. Neighbors are working from home, home-schooling children, sharing cramped living spaces, caring for a sick family member, or all of the above. And many people are experiencing much more difficult situations than this. When posting about a neighbor on Nextdoor, we ask you to slow down and consider not only the tone of your post or comment, but also what your neighbor might be going through. 

Last year, we announced a new feature to promote kindness on Nextdoor. This feature was developed with an advisory panel of academics and experts to help us understand how to keep neighborhood conversations respectful. If a member replies to a neighbor’s post with a potentially offensive or hurtful comment, Kindness Reminder is prompted before the comment goes live, and the member is given the chance to reference our Community Guidelines and reconsider or edit their reply. In recent weeks, we modified the Kindness Reminder to remind neighbors, particularly in this difficult time, that we’re in this together and to be compassionate.  



Our new community pool has a few more touch-ups , but it is almost completed :)




We will be keeping the original community pool and adding a small bridge that crosses over to the new pool deck also made of pea-gravel. The new pool will be 42 ft long x 20ft wide with 2 areas for babies and small children to wade in shallow water.


Set up your member settings and password:

Once you are logged in to the system you can talk to your community, see financials, see voting results, read community articles, see upcoming events, purchase your electronic pool gate key fobs and parking permit hangers and vote and comment of future projects and more...Make sure your neighbors are all on this new website so they get to vote on the pool and get all the party updates!!!

Hello Community!

My name is Johnie Flores and I have lived in Autumn Lake for almost 5 years. What I love most about our neighborhood is the diversity of my neighbors and the serenity of our outdoor space. My goal for us is to help build a stronger sense of community and ownership to ensure that Autumn Lake will be a sought-after neighborhood for years to come. To that end, I'm looking for a few neighbors who would be interested in helping out with the upcoming events and celebrations! If you have a few hours to spare and you are interested in supporting the neighborhood, please reach out to me at [email protected] and provide your name and contact information. Once we have a firm time for the event, I will reach out to all interested parties and schedule some time for us to meet. Thank you, in advance, for your commitment to Autumn Lake!

Johnie Flores
[email protected]
VOTING is now available, but you must set your password first and fill out your member settings before you can vote. Our community has already voted for a new pool area (That we added in 2020-2021 for $70,000, we also added 15 commercial light posts around the park for $45,000 in 2021). Make sure you vote on our next capitol improvement in 2022 as each home gets one vote.
It's easy to vote for our next big community project,  just check your mail by clicking on the "red dot" next to the "BELL symbol" in the top right corner of this screen. That's your mailbox & all communications go there! A vote or survey is waiting for you in the welcome area! The red dot means "You have mail" !!! Go vote and read all the nice comments and suggestions from over 100 responses 98% positive :) It's time to get involved. NOTE: You have to set up a password first to vote, see financial reports and more. It's all done in the welcome area in the top right of your screen. 

Monitor the results to voting on the link below:  (Use the link below to view all our community project voting to date).

Order your electronic pool gate entry fob key and the parking permit hangers for $25 each.


The community swimming pool area will normally open on May 1st or before each year! 

How can homeowners save thousands of dollars???

This is a breakdown on how homeowners can save thousands of dollars by understanding tax breaks given by the Texas Comptrollers Office.

As a homeowner it is important to understand tax benefits you may have when maintaining your home and property, adding upgrades to your home and property and many service contracts.

The State of Texas Comptrollers office posted a breakdown on these tax breaks.

These same tax benefits apply to our community. We will be turning up every stone to find every option this community has to save on our sales taxes, resale taxes and franchise taxes as our community is a non profit organization that qualifies for more tax benefits that companies that are not non profit.

Please read this Texas Comptroller post that clarifies tax benefits that will help educate our homeowners so they may save thousands of dollars for years to come:

Read it all the way through as it is a very short read for the money you will save by reading it:


You can now start talking with your neighbors on our talk / forum. Make some lasting friendships with people who live close by! Our community has so many options for members to gather as friends to relax and enjoy each other.


A message to potential Autumn Lake buyers & sellers who will access this website:

At Autumn Lake we take care of what we have in our community. We are always looking for new ways to improve the value of our community and our homes. We are aware of all the construction going on around our community so that we are prepared. We value safety and post rules and security signage to protect our families, their guests and our investment. We value communication and have invested into a community website that offers access to community history, talk forums and easy access to the board and management company for emergencies or asking questions. We are a community all working together as a team to promote family values, friendly - neighborly conduct and bringing our adult community together so we can all set an example for our children who may one day run this community!

Autumn Lake has 31 block captains / street leaders in place sending email threads to each street they live on to help us monitor our community during this trying time:



Back in the 50's when Pearlands was mostly wooded area and country homes, our lake at Autumn Lake was then called "THE SAND PIT", many of the locals would come to swim at the sand pit and picnic as it was surrounded with tall trees and at certain times of the year birds were everywhere! The area back in those days was a swimming pond and a bird sanctuary as most homes had no pools if any at the time. Now some 60 years later we still have our many species of birds around our lake, we have rules for no swimming in our lake, but the fishing over the years is amazing! We have some huge bass & catfish as well as some really nice sized Texas crappie! Our lake is "CATCH & RELEASE ONLY" so feel free to catch for sport and set them free !!! 

Our community HOA has just spent over $100,000 in repairs and new additions to our beautiful community since November 2018. By adding new trees, piers, lighting, signage and pool furniture we have beautified our park. Our safety standards are excellent to date and property values are on the rise with our best years ahead of us!

Our yearly dues are set at an affordable $380 per year per home and we have no plans on raising the yearly dues.

See our history in pictures - Click on the "Members area" - Then click on "Homeowners Articles" Then enjoy the collection of details and pictures of our beautiful community as well as several pictures showing the stages of all the 2019 projects while in motion. We have posted over 100 pictures in all. Get community updates and information with ease. You are already in the new web system, just add your password and update your profile. 

Autumn Lake - 2022 Board of Directors 

Bhagwat Gupta - President (Term ends 2023)

Ken McArdle - V.P. (Term ends 2023)

George Tomlinson - Treasurer (Term ends 2023)

Kevin Smith - Secretary (Term ends 2024) 

Pei Fen Chang - Board at large (Term ends 2024)

To contact the board click on the link below. It's that easy!

How can I get onto the Board of Directors or how can I vote?

Mr Gupta, Brian Georgi and Ken McArdle have terms ending this coming April 2020. 3 spots will be available on the board so If you would like to be on the board of directors now is your chance! If you want to be on a committee which requires little time we need you! Mr Gupta and Ken McArdle will most likely run for the board 1 more term, so if you liked the board we have in place now they will also be an option. Brian has other obligations so we will need others to run in 2020 so please watch your calendars and look for email updates and mailings about our 2020 Annual Meeting and voting dates. Again 3 new spots are open in 2020. 3 directors makes a quorum or control in voting so this is a big year for us. We need 3 more board members we can trust and we need people that care and have time to get things done. The board can be a lot of fun when everyone works together.

The present 2021 board of directors group completed the following projects for Autumn Lake from November 2018 to November 2021:

2019-2021 board :

Brian Georgi
Bhagwat Gupta Pres.
Kevin Smith - Sec.
Steve Sampley - Board at large
Ken McArdle - Vice P.

2022 Board of Directors:

Bhagwat Gupta Pres.
Ken McArdle Vice Pres.
Kevin Smith Sec.
Pei Fen Chang Board at Large
George Tomlinson - Treasurer

We added a new 20ft x 20ft fishing pier, with aluminum railing, signage, overhead fishing lights, a new ramp, all stained and sealed dark . (The pier and rails were $15,000) (The ramp with rails was $500) (The walkway with rails was $3500) The fishing pole over head lights were ($2800). The pier was built by Jordan Marine. The fishing lights and all our light work was done by Paul Richard Electric.


We added new 20 year warranted steel fencing at Fair Oaks park entrance with DBL gate $2900. Work done by ForSure Fence Builders.


We added a new steel safety fencing all around the perimeter to the long pier lakeside area affected by erosion. $2900 Work done by ForSure fence builders.



Repaired the falling, rusted, faded green metal fence and DBL gate to Miller Ranch Rd and painted / sealed black. $12,500. Work done by ForSure Fence Builders. 


Stained and repaired over 30,000 sq ft of perimeter wood fence that boarders the community a dark brown weather seal. $3500 (Paid a helper $350 to operate the rental which was a parking-lot striper to spray the parameter fences with stain + Ken McArdle volunteered and pressure washed fence where needed) 



Added signage, gardens and Victorian lighting at Wooten Rd entrance and repaired and stained / sealed fence. Added 2 rock gardens and removed the 2 small rotted 4 ft fences for $2800. The Victorian lights and sign were put up by Mr Gupta and Steve Sampley. Volunteers. 


Pressure cleaned, stained / sealed all gazebos, piers and playground wood structures all dark brown. ($100 for gas and bleach, Ken volunteered)


Repaired and relocated old long pier to back of the lake in shallow water to prevent breaking again. We pressure cleaned it, stain / sealed it, added 2 types of pier guides using a Marine Contractor - Jordan Marine. ($8200 to relocate with 20 ft ramp included as well as floating mechanism) ($500 for stain and brushes) (Added 220 ft of steel 20 year warranted safety railing / fence to long pier $10,800), added signs over head ( $2000 ) Sinking guide poles and additional guides both piers ($8500) Those are the 30 and 40 ft telephone poles sunk into the lake by a barge, we added 3 gates to the long pier ($1000) Added Victorian solar lights and commercial signage to long fishing pier as well as bird spikes. $1000. Staining done by Mr Gupta and Ken. Volunteers.


Added new cool deck coating to cemented areas at pool and pool bathrooms. $1200 . This added better footing as we used a heavy grit. 


Added new pool furniture, pool signage, blue pool lighting and pressure cleaned the pool areas. $4000. Ken cleaned the area free, Mr Gupta, Steve Sampley and Kevin Smith assembled the tables and chairs all free as volunteers. Leslies Pools handled the blue light in the pool (They owe us 1 blue light, but we need to wait until it warms up).

Added a new electronic pool entry system that will go into effect beginning the 2020 pool season. (Everyone will receive updates on our new electronic pool entry more and more as we get close to pool season). This will make our pool area safer and much more private than passed years. 


Added 40 trees throughout the park - 7 crape myrtles trees, 5 mimosa trees and 28 oleander dwarf trees. $4000 from Estradas Nursery. They delivered, planted, mulched and staked down all mature trees.  


Added over 400 ft of watering system with bubblers to trees and some sprinklers. We also found an old 10 head system installed 16 years ago we plan to activate in 2020. $2000 Estradas Nursery.


Painted white and realigned all parking bumpers / stops in the community gravel parking lot as well we added crushed granite were water was standing. We added private parking signs, park rule signs, no trespassing signs, handicap parking signs, new Victorian lighting and stained / sealed the fence dark brown. $1000 Brian Georgi and Mr Gupta as volunteers put up signs, reset and painted bumpers and stained.



Corrected the flooding problems we had for over 10 years at the gravel entrance to the trail by Fair Oaks as well we added crushed granite in other areas of the trail and parking areas where needed. $7500 Kiki Landscaping. Kevin Smiths idea to use crushed granite to fill in flood zone areas on the jogging trail. We retained the natural look consistent with the trail.





Added "Please drive slowly we love our children" signs throughout our community. $1500 ForSure Fence


We went with black, gold and white for community colors on many of our common signs like : Rule signs, Private Property signs and Hours of Operation signs. We added 3 large 2 ft x 8 ft signs on perimeter community fences as shown below:




Added permanent, custom made, framed, heavy duty, community meeting signs we felt were more appealing than the old metal meeting signs. Now board members simply add the date each month to update meeting information. $1500 ForSure Fence.


Replaced the entire breaker and meter system at park entrance. $2500

Replaced the backwash system to the pool and and closed off all faucets that were being used to flood our pool. Aquatico Pools

Repaired lose boards, caulked, sanded and stained / sealed the children's jungle gym and added an extra bottom step so our little ones can walk onto the stairs easier. Free volunteer + brushes and screws. Brian Georgi caulking, Gupta, Kevin Smith sander, Ken, Steve and Gupta painted / stained and built a lower step.


Presently adding this new website with unlimited storage so we can upload our community history, pictures, updates and many new community clubs and groups like a place to list your dogs name, picture and email address or phone number if found.  $300 a year.  HOA Express. Hours of uploads and dialog added. 

Met with inspectors to conduct safety inspections to our pool, play areas, park and lake erosion which resulted in the improvements to most of our projects completed in 2019. All board members involved. 

All these projects were completed between November 2018 and Dec 2019 (Once FSR finally transferred our community funds in late 2018 to HHM our present management company we were able to start fixing things.

The contribution from the HOA funds to complete all these projects adds up to right at $250 per homeowner.
The math is $250 x 413 homeowners = $103,250. We actually spent $104,000 to do it all.

We saved a lot by painting & staining fence our wood structures ourselves as volunteers and repairing things like fallen fence sections after storms ourselves, installing signs, assembling furniture for piers and pool areas, designing our own custom signs for meetings and so many signs around the community purchased online with "My Parking" saved us thousands of dollars.


Sharing our success with our community. The contractors we used helped make our community more beautiful: 

We purchased 45 gallon Crape Myrtles for $330 delivered, planted, steaked and mulched from Estradas Nursery on HW6 and he installed a 450 ft dig with sprinkler / bubblers for all the trees by the pool area.

Lamont at ForSure Fence was almost 1/2 the price of other Montage powder coated 20 year warranted steel fence installers. He also also repaired that faded, rusted broken green fence at Miller Ranch Rd for a reasonable price.

Chris at Jordan Marine did most of the work you see at the park and he is reasonable and a marine contractor with great ideas and knowledge. Those telephone poles used for stabilizer / guides are pounded down 20 ft beneath the lake floor. Only 1 is off about 1 ft, yet they are sunk into hard slope going down towards the pool area which is the deep end at 50 ft deep. Chris also understands erosion issues affecting several homes on the lakeside.


Here is a picture from around 2002 of Autumn Lake:


Around 2005 to 2006 Brent D
vorak who lives on Appian Way was a big part in arranging our community building the children's jungle gym, swing sets, fencing around the pool and the work out equipment and tables at the back of the park. He arranged gatherings / parties with food and drinks for us to meet and greet :) Thanks to Brent and the others on the board in 2005 and 2006 that sent the trend to add value to our community :)  


We ended up spending $45,000 on our lights on the path project. The community voted for the 15 light posts spread 100 ft apart along the jogging trail. The lights are all 15 ft tall with two 11000 lumin LED fixtures.



New Autumn Lake of Pearland Community Pool Video Presentation St John's Pools, Spas & Patios :


Adding a new jungle gym and more playground equipment. A new jungle gym the size we have now would be around $60,000 or more with extras that are needed. An option here would be to secure the jungle gym we have now with new wood flooring, new rubber mulch, support stud repairs and stain and then add lots of Spring Rides and other play structures around what we have now. So about $60,000 to $75,000 for a new jungle gym or about $20,000 to $30,000 in repairs and new additional rides and play structures to the one we have in place now.

Below would be an option if we got a few guys together to assemble the Adventure Play Set below and then spend a few thousand to fix up the old jungle gym so the kids have more areas to play. These are on sale for $12,900 but you have to assemble them or get help.

Click on the link below for a presentation:

Once we have electricity running to the back of the trail by the long pier we will be able to price out adding security cameras to that area. We held off upgrading our security cameras last year with the expectation that more was needed to secure the entire park area.

Please send us your ideas, questions and concerns so we can all work together making our community the best it can be!!!

Building a stronger community:

Imagine more families at community events, more participation in open meetings, and friendlier neighbors. Communities can experience increased engagement and involvement by making event information readily available, sending announcements via email, and sharing profile information in a directory. Our new community allows us all these luxuries and so much more. We have unlimited storage to post our community history, financials, pictures etc... We can talk within our community with our own Autumn Lake talk forum and we can even use a survey platform to vote on fun projects options that will beautify our community and make it a even safer place to live. The strongest communities is the country have strong communication platforms and lots of positive community involvement.


Why should we be happy about our community? Massive progress, The City of Pearland is already giving us hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of permanent exterior sound walls to our community and that may more than DBL over the next 5 to 6 years. We have some of the best schooling in Texas and look at these reports and numbers: