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No Soliciting - Requires a Permit

No Soliciting - How to deal with salesman :

Due to all the calls the board has recieved over the last few days about a sudden burst of sales people  /  solicitors approaching homes and even being pushy and rude.


The Pearland Police Department has advised us to tell each homeowner with concerns about someone knocking at your door:

First ask the solicitor to see their permit (It should be visable). For someone to be legally soliciting they must have a permit from the City of Pearland (Make sure it's a Pearland Permit). If it is not viable then ask them to show it to you. 

There are some legal solicitors such as "U.S. Census Bureau", City workers for gas & water lines, Some solar companies are allowed to obtain permits and others. Solar companies can get a permit as it is supported by the city.


If the sales person does not have a permit then call the police as the police will arrest them if the community has opted to enforce "NO SOLICITING". Warn them first:

We were asked to give salesman a warning and allow them to leave the community before calling the police. If they keep knocking doors after you give them a warning, then feel free to call the police and give them a street location, describe the person or vehicle and where they are located or headed. You will be asked to leave your name and contact information most likely with the police so they can follow up with you after they confront the solicitors. The police protect te callers privacy.

We do feel this will help us solve a lot of the door to door sales people from bothering our community members. It will also help the police narrow down possible arrests of professional thieves who use door to door as a way to scout out a community.

Soliciting itself is not something you would call the board of directors to report unless it is escalated to a police matter level. 

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