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2020 Pool Design Options & Docs

Pool design # 3 wins with 60% of the vote :

We still have some negotiations to finalize with the pool builder for pool number 3 that the community voted to go forward with in 2020. It is priced with several safety accessories that we already have in place presently at the pool house.

All 5 pools had positive aspects: Pool 1 had the most gallons, but was bland. Pool 2 was pretty but smaller than the others,
1 and 2 where from Richards Pool Builders.

Pools 4 and 5 were from Premier Pools of Pearland and both were beautiful pools and a local company. I was hoping we would vote for any of the 3, 4 or 5 options as they came in right at $65,000 and were the best deal for the quality equipment in the bids.

The winning bid however was POOL DESIGN # 3 :

Pool design # 3 from St Johns Pool Builders was an excellent choice by our community and received a whopping 60% of the overall vote from our community residents.

Pool design # 3 provides 2 areas for babies to play in the very shallow water by the 2 step entry areas, the longest stretch for swimmers who like to work out swimming back and forth across the pool, volleyball options work with it, the ledge and stair seating all look over the lake with an amazing view and St Johns had the best Google reviews over all the builders :)

Once we have more information on our plans building plans and have had an opportunity to talk with St John's Pools the board will reach back out to the community with more updates.

For now: Here is the specs on the pool we will be moving forward with in 2020 so everyone has something to get excited about that will surely make our community look more beautiful and we will finally have a swimming pool area that will accomadate the size of our community :)

Pool Option 3 Design :

Pool Option 3 Bid & Spec Sheet :

Pool Option 3 Trim and Colors :

As for when we begin and can we budget the new pool :

The present board has been saving all the community reserve funds since September 2019 when we completed reconditioning the safety issues in our community.

The community has $200,000 saved and all bills are paid through April 2020. We have over $60,000 still coming in receivables / dues and $10,000 to $15,000 in potential pool gate fob and parking permit sales. The funding is there for your pool project.

The City of Pearland has encouraged outdoor contractors to keep working to help businesses stay afloat and our bids are only good for less than 30 more days. The City of Pearland and other Cities are all full go on outdoor contractor projects as we see streets being worked on all around us presently and they have no plans to slow down.

They claimed it is even safer now than ever before because less foot and car traffic is around us than ever before.
The contractors building these pools are young men who are building several pools a month presently.

Of course politically people some people in our community wanting to take over board in 2020 would want to halt or stall this project so they can spend the $65,000 where they want the money spent.

Based on our research the present board will keep the promise to the community and your pool will be built :)

Interesting enough the only 2 people using social media repeatedly or with long explanations to stop the pool project and spend the money somewhere else are the same 2 people that brought 50 homeowners to a meeting in 2019 on false accusations about the tax benefits that by the way we are presently getting and have saved thousands of dollars and at that time in 2019 those same 2 people were demanded that the community vote for the next big project. We agreed to do that and you the community voted for a new pool. On this new pool alone we will save over $5000 in sales tax (As a new pool is not taxable to an HOA or a Homeowner). See tax benefits on our website from the Texas Comptroller at:

All new structures are not taxable. The board is working to relieve our community of sales tax on the pool and lawn contracts as the link above i found over the last month also shows that yearly maintenance contracts such as these are not taxable, yet yet Autumn Lake has been paying sales tax on them for over 15 years. (That will save this community right at $3000 a year).
If we get our resale sales tax license approved (That HHM filed wrong) We can also save tax money by allowing our hired contractors to use our resale certificate to buy lumber for example tax free to repair our fences when needed. Also can be found in the comptroller link above. So a lot of incorrect information was given to our residents that is easily confirmed at:

Every homeowner would be smart to read and save this link as you all can save thousands using these benefits.

Not only did we have about the same amount of money to operate with before we reconditioned the park in 2018 - 2019. but we also have more money to spend every year as we have already reduced several yearly expenses over the last 3 months:

We just saved $14,000 a year on our lawn contract, $2000 a year on our community insurance and at least $6,000 a year on our management company, that = $22,000 a year savings.

NOTE : 223 homes still need to pay for pool fobs and permits ( 223 x $75 = $16,950 ) TOTAL SAVED FOR POOL PROJECT IN 2020 = $38,950 towards our pool project plus any additional fobs sold for backups.

$65,000 pool less $38,950 savings = $26,050 for pool less what we save.

The only repair since November 2019 is an expense for $6,000 we used to repair the falling fence in the gravel lot and the adjoining 4 ft metal fence to the lake that had rusted apart as it was almost 20 years old.

Note that the reduction of all our expenses yearly is $22,000 that will will be saved every year moving foreword that will easily justify maintaining both pools moving forward and we save more lawn money when the City of Pearland expands Miller Ranch Rd later on as we cut all that grass now.

We honestly have enough money with all these yearly savings to consider adding a lifeguard at our pool every summer :)

Everyone stay safe and I hope you all are excited about the progress our community has made over the last 2 years we can't wait to see how our new pool looks that will surely beautify the one area of our community that everyone sees when they drive by Autumn Lake of Pealand !!!

Delivered: Apr 6, 2020 12:56pm
To: All members, Block Captains - Street Captains, Board Members, Homeowners, Property managers, Renters
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