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Photos of Autumn Lake After 2019

We just added some photos of our new community pool (We now have 2 pools) as well as photos of our park and trail lighting as we just added 15 commercial light posts along the back of the jogging trail so we now have lighting all around the lake. We added a privacy screen to shield the two pool areas and children's play areas as well.  Between November 2018 and December 2019 The following pictures show all the after pictures of the improvements we made to our Community Autumn Lake of Pearland :)

Your 2019 Board of Directors built a new community website in 2019 to create a communication that would make our community projects, repairs, up-keep, communication and records transparent to all our members.

The 2019 Board of Directors also became very hands on in projects saving our community money in efforts such as pressure washing monuments, pillars, walls, structures in the park and entrances to save our community money to do other needed projects, we also rented a commercial paint sprayer and prepped, stained and painted over 30,000 sq ft of structures and fencing in our community as well as gazebos, piers, jungle gym, wood and metal fencing that allowed us to build a new pier, salvage and improve the old long pier and build several new needed steel fences and gates where required by our safety inspector in 2019. New trees were planted (over 40), gravel refreshed in the park area and parking areas, signs were placed everywhere to identify our community as a private community and so much more :) Before you view all the after photos at the bottom of this page, click on the link below to see the before photos of our community before the projects started:


The last photos added are of the new community swimming pool and the lights on the jogging trail that we complete in 2020 and 2021. 

Here are your 2019 Board of Directors responsible for these improvements and repairs:    

profile-100.png Bhagwat Gupta
Mar 31, 2020   (713) 436-6767
  [email protected]
profile-100.png Brian Georgi
Mar 31, 2020   (832) 208-5858
  [email protected]
hBlgg4AWoRMCoro8-100x100.jpg Steve Stampley
Board at large
Mar 31, 2021   (713) 398-5988
  [email protected]
profile-100.png Kevin Smith
Mar 31, 2021   (713) 628-7161
  [email protected]
2yfMqdFY2IV9FqaM-100x100.jpg Ken McArdle
Mar 31, 2020   (832) 725-4520
  [email protected]