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AT&T - Contact name: Jazz - 713-213-8191

USIC - Contact name: TJ - (Orange paint and flags are USIC ) 281-939-1621 or 800-778-9140 

ULS - Centerpoint 811 - (Red & Yellow paint & flags is ULS) 281-491-0407

City of Pearland - Public Works - Contact name: Exavier 281-652-1900

JBT - Contact name: Derrick & Andrew - (Contractor who lay fiber & dig for install)



My name is Jarrett Ortega, I am the Community Development Manager with Ezee Fiber. I am reaching out to let you know that we will begin installing fiber in the Pearland area. More specifically the Autumn Lake Community within the next couple of weeks.

I am sure the residents will have lots of questions when they see our construction team in their yards, so I wanted to share this flyer with you that covers our entire process. We would love to get this flyer in your next community newsletter. We understand that the construction process can be messy, so we ask that you be patient with us. If our work affects their landscaping, sprinkler system, or fence lines, we will make sure to remedy and restore it once construction is completed. There is also a phone number and email address listed on the flyer that residents can use if needed for emergencies that are caused by our team.

We would also like for one of our construction managers to attend your next HOA meeting to make sure our process is communicated correctly, and all questions are answered. Do you have any upcoming meetings? Looking forward to hearing back. Have a great day! 

Nessgae from Ken McArdle Autumn Lake HOA:

We will have a meeting and invite both AT&T and EZEE Fiber and it will be around mid April once we organize dates with all parties

See link below for contact information for EZEE FIBER:

Jarett Ortega 346-644-3788
[email protected]

Support tea 713-255-7500


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