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Parking in the street or on grass

We seem to have some safety issue with parking in our community as of late :

To all Autumn Lake residents:

We have had complaints that vehicles have been parked illegally in our community streets.

What is illegal parking???

The vehicle must be within 12 inches of the side curbs on each side of the street or in your driveway.


**Up against a medians or islands in the center of the street :
Our community entrances are high traffic areas and we ask that people respect their fellow neighbors when parking in these areas. We have a large gravel lot right at the Autumn Lake Trail and Miller Ranch Rd entrance. We ask that whoever has been causing parking problems at this main community entrance please use that gravel lot with your overflow traffic. While it may be more of a walk for you, it is safer for our entire community.

Our community bylaws state no parking in the street at all overnight. They also state no blocking driveways. These two 20 year old bylaws make it difficult to enforce with todays parking issues, but when safety is involved we may enforce these standards when needed.

NO PARKING ; On someone's property (Other than your own without their permissions).

NO PARKING : On any community grass area (Such as the grass along Fair Oaks Street).

NO PARKING : In any area that blocks traffic from passing through one of our community streets.

NO PARKING : You have to be at least 30 feet away from any stop signs, yield signs, flashing beacons, or other traffic signals at the side of the road.

NO PARKING : With your vehicle facing the opposite way of on coming traffic. (You must park in the street facing the direction of traffic. If a vehicle hits your parked car facing the opposite direction you can get the ticket.

For immediate action on vehicles parked more than 12 inches off curbs or parked against or in front of our entrance medians or any other of these violations :

Call Pearland non emergency police at : (281) 652-1900

As for our gravel lot used for pool and park parking : 

This lot is for community members and their guests only. Parking permits will be required once Covid 19 has passed. 

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