Violations & Deed Restrictions


This is a reminder that Associa our community management company will be enforcing deed restriction / violations in 2022 and penalties and fines can result if we neglect to resolve and communicate properly. Always save your emails and written documents for violations and assessment issues for your records in case Associa records are not kept in your favor.

Associa our Management Company for Autumn Lake has hired an 3rd party company to give out deed restriction violations in 2022. This is most likely due to Covid. We may go through a learning curve with this company as they have already sent violations on something we allow in our community.

Some of you may have received a violation for having a basketball goal in your driveway. We received two calls already on this matter. NO WORRIES : We allow basketball goals as long as they are kept on the driveway and not out in the street or blocking the sidewalks.

Due to the fact that several rental properties have been ignoring violation notices ongoing since March 2020 when Covid began Associa will be very serious about all deed violations in 2022 until we resolve this issue. Also if you are aware of an AIR B & B in our community please reach out to Paul Wisdom (Not the Board) and send his photos or other facts that will help him shut down any and all AIR B&B's in our community as they are not allowed and legal action will be enforced to keep Air B&B rentals out of our community Autumn Lake.

If you receive any other violation you feel is something we allow or have information on a AIR B&B in Autumn Lake please contact Paul Wisdom of Associa:


Paul Wisdom - Associa (Assigned to Autumn Lake)

Associa – Houston Community Management Services

17049 El Camino Real, Suite 100

Houston, Texas 77058

Office: (832) 864-1200

Direct Office Number: (832) 864-1218

E-mail address: [email protected]

Also email Paul Wisdom if you have an ongoing violation that needs to be resolved as the management company will be enforcing deed restrictions in 2022.

Violations and Inspections

Our new Inspection & Violation Policy is now in place:

NOTE: While many homeowners have received violations since January 2020, no one has been fined. Due to Covid we have not penalized for deed restriction violations, but we must start again in 2022 in order to maintain our community appearance.

The purpose of inspections and the subsequent issuance of a violation letter is to maintain the standards of the community. The Association is tasked with ensuring that all homeowners maintain the exterior of their residence to a minimum standard, as required in the By-Laws. In addition, this helps improve and maintain the appeal of the community. This is particularly important when home owners are selling their homes. Inspections typically will focus on three main areas, fencing, mold and mildew and lawn maintenance.

1 st Notice :
Friendly Reminder- This is a regular letter. Although this letter does not give a specific compliance date, residents are encouraged to remedy the concern(s) within 30 days. Inspections occur every month.

2 nd Notice :
This is a more formal letter which requires that the resident/owner remedy the concern(s) within 10 days.

3 rd Notice :
Final- This letter is sent through regular mail and as a certified letter. This is a final notice and requires that the concern(s) be remedied within 30 days or the board can turn the matter over to the Association attorney. All fees associated with mailings and the attorney will be billed to owner. With board approval, the Association Attorney can file liens and/or foreclosures against the property.


All homeowners should have a current email listed at both the Town Square homeowner online pay portal and account portal at :

As well as our community website at :

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